Retrieve ASN information for any IP addresses by utilizing's ASN lookup API. We provide you with information about registered ranges & related domains.

asn: "AS13335", organization: "Cloudflare, Inc.", domain: "", country: " AU", isp: "APNIC Research and Development", ip_count: 512, ranges_count: 2

ASN lookup API

Our global data coverage enables developers to make data-driven and programmatic decisions.

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Our ASN endpoint provides you with extensive data through our easy to read REST-API.

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Detect the type of IP address's ASN API provides you with information about the type of IP address (hosting provider (ISP), business or consumer). The information can be used to better segment your users, deliver specific content and deliver a matching experience.

Gain more insights

Draw conclusions about the internet connections speeds, data restrictions and other aspects of your users' online experience by determining the ASN of your users' IP addresses and find out which ISPs are common amoung your users.


"We recently implemented and were very impressed with their ASN API. We are using the API to analyze and optimize the user experience of our app users. We had quite a lot of questions as part of the integration phase and their support team never got tired helping us out."

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Our ASN lookup API is not only easy to integrate but comes along with an plenty of REST-Clients and pre-built integrations. Also, checkout out our Postman-Collection.

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What is ASN? How is ASN data used? What information does ASN provide? Why do some IP addresses not have ASN data?