Rate Limit & Quotas

You can use a certain number of requests per month, defined by your plan.

Once you go over this quota, the API returns a 429 HTTP status code, and you either need to upgrade your plan or wait until the end of the month. We enforce a minute rate limit for specific plans. If you exceed this, the API returns a 429 HTTP status code. You then have to wait until the end of the minute to make more requests. Not every request counts towards your monthly request volume.

Example request with basic auth

curl "https://api.ipbase.com/v2/info?ip="

Response Headers

We attach specific headers to tell you your current monthly/minute quota and how much you have remaining in the period.

X-RateLimit-Limit-Quota-Minute: 10
X-RateLimit-Limit-Quota-Month: 300

X-RateLimit-Remaining-Quota-Minute: 5
X-RateLimit-Remaining-Quota-Month: 199